Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Life's a Nightmare When You are in "Long Distance One-Sided" Love

One of the worst battles that happens between mind and heart is the one that happens in one-sided love. Mind keeps giving logics for not confessing your love, while heart wants all your feelings to be poured out in front of the person you love. 
Another difficult relationship is a long-distance relationship (LDR), wherein your communication is entirely dependent on technology and you have to trust each other bindly, no matter what. 
There are many similarities between long-distance relationship and one-sided love. 

  • You can see your beloved from afar, but you can't hold their hands. In LDR, you skype/facetime them to cut the distance, while in one-sided you only keep stealing their glances and maintain a distance so that you don't end up offending the person.

  • Your beloved is in front of you and you want to hug them tight, but unfortunately you can't. In LDR, technology can't bring the feel of that person. And in one-sided, well you simply can't hug them. So, in both the situations, you end up giving them a long tight hug in your imagination and feel the butterflies in tummy dancing with joy.

  • Both keep waiting for a day. In LDR, you wait for the day when you both would be able to meet in person and be wrapped in each other's arms for the longest possible time. And as a one-sided lover, you keep waiting for the day you would be able to express your feelings to the loved one or the day when some miracle would happen and you two would somehow get together crossing all the obstacles.

These were to mention only a few. Both relationships are difficult. Both needs patience and above all, faith. 
But, have you ever wondered what happens if you are in 'long distance one-sided love'? Let me tell you, your life becomes a nightmare. A nightmare that haunts you every single day. You're madly in love with a person with whom you hardly have any chance but you don't want to give up on them because you believe in the strength of your love. You can't skype them, you can't call them for no reason, you can't text them because you're hardly even friends. So, you just wait for those rare occassions where you can see them, that too from a distance, stealing their glimpses every now and then. You want to talk to them but you can't because that would be awkward. You know the person well because your love for them made you stalk their social networking accounts and collect all the little information you could from your mutual friends. When you keep checking their social media profiles, you feel guilty and confused because the freaking mind keeps growling, "you stalker!!" while your meek heart silently whispers, "it's love."
You can't imagine the pain of being in long-distance-one-sided love. Life becomes hell, a nightmare that you want to come out of as soon as possible. But still, you stay there hoping that one day, this nightmare would turn out to be a beautiful dream. After all, "it's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." [Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist]

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