Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Mother She Is

A Mother She Is

She is delicate,
Yet fierce,
She is weak,
Yet strongest,
She cries too often,
Yet went smilingly through 
the most severe pain.
She is the divinest
Form of womanhood,
A mother she is.

Her softest touch makes
Her baby feel protected and safe.
When she feels any danger
Approaching her little beloved,
She becomes as fierce as blaze.
Her little one's smile
Makes her go weak at the knees,
Her kid's achievements are 
Her strength and her pride.
Seeing her kid hurt,
Tears roll down her cheeks,
She smiled widest when,
After going through agonising pain,
She gave birth to him

There's nothing she can't do,
Because a mother she is,
The divinest form of womanhood.

-Shilpa Goel

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