Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Must Read Book

About three years ago, I was not even 10% reader of what I am today. I owned no novels except The Secret Seven. All I had were textbooks, encyclopaedia and atlases. But still I had a keen liking for the books. The sight of new books was, and is no less than a sight of heaven for me. It was when I heard about the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I had no clue what's there inside the book. I thought it to be some fiction novel. Nevertheless, I downloaded the e-book, which is easily available online for free (Thanks to The Secret team for making it available). I had it on my phone too, but never read it despite my strong desire to read the book. I would always read 2-3 lines of acknowledgements and close it. I never read beyond it. E-books can never replace the love and beauty of printed books. Finally, I owned a copy of The Secret in October, 2014 and my life truly changed for good.
As I read the book, the deepest secret of life started unfolding before me. I practiced the secret, and 90% of the time it worked. The Secret says our thoughts become things. What we think, imagine and feel is what we receive from Universe. Every good or bad thing that happens to us is actually a result of our thoughts. After reading and re-reading The Secret, I looked at past major incidents of my life. And Yes! All of them were attracted by me because of my thoughts. Thank God, I have a memory to recall what I was thinking before a particular event happened that affected me. Analysing about past events and relating it the the law of attraction helped me understand the concept faster. I curse myself for not reading The Secret earlier, but better late than never, I did read it at last. 
A year before reading The Secret, I was completely encircled by troubles. I used to keep complaining and fussing about minor issues that eventually turned major due to the negative feelings I gave them, but the understanding of the LOA (Law Of Attraction) changed everything by just changing my way of thinking and teaching me the power of gratitude. I have seen miracles in past 6-7 months. The things I never expected could happen, came to me effortlessly. And it happened because of the positive thinking. I am reading 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' these days and I can completely connect it with The Secret. Both the books tell about the power and potential of the mind. 
I whole-heartedly follow The Secret and recommend everyone to read it once. I have also read the sequel of The Secret, titled The Power and it is as good. I am currently reading another book of The Secret series, titled The Magic, and I am on my way to experience a magical life. 
Thank You so much Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team for revealing and sharing the LOA with all. May the joy be with all.

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  1. One of the amazing book written by Rhonda that teaches us how to be positive in our life.

    "Life is not about living forever. It's living forever with yourself."