Sunday, September 10, 2017

That Day Before Sunrise

That day before sunrise,
Expecting another dark and gloomy night,
I sat on my window sill,
Gazing at the sky star-filled.
For once in many months,
The night didn't feel so lonely,
The moon shone brightly,
As if to say, "everything will be fine, young lady."
Was I under its charm,
Or was it an alarm,
To wake up and
Put my sorrows to an end?
I looked at the stars,
They twinkled and jingled
In sync with the beats of my heart,
Lighting up my soul with the rays of hope.
And that day before sunrise,
That night which I had expected to be dark,
Taught me it was time to move on,
That night preceded my life's actual sunrise.

-Shilpa Goel

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